Natural Healing Through Specific Nutrition

Because nothing shows up on classical standard tests does not 
                           mean that there is nothing wrong

The blood is so important and so vital that the body will rob from the tissues and internal fluids in order to keep the blood in normal condition. You have to be half dead before some things show up on blood tests. Many of the blood tests measure tissue enzymes. These don’t really measure function of the organs and tissues. They measure tissue damage and destruction, as from poisoning. Many tests look at the tissues for structural problems or changes. These include X-rays, MRI’s, CT scans, and scopes. An organ or tissue may look fine and not have tissue damage and consequently not show up on these standard tests, and yet at the same time not be working right! Furthermore, many conditions are possible that simply have not had an electronic or physical test developed yet that can accurately detect them. Couched behind techno talk and Latin sounding classifications, much diagnostic work today is truly guesswork. Anyone who has spent enough time in the system knows this, especially when viewed from a “What is causing it?” point of view.

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